All our yesterdays ... AVAA in November 1921

Thanks to Harry Mac for posting this article from the Bristol Observer of 1921 onto our facebook site.

JonnieB has transcribed the text for us, thanks Jonnie …

Gardeners or quarrymen? The great piles of stones were taken out of the allotment when its holders set about preparing the ground for cultivation

Upon numerous occasions in the past we have commented (with extreme pleasure) on the excellence of the produce of the numerous allotments in Bristol. That excellence has been noticeably particular at the exhibitions held in various districts each Autumn. That ________ amongst allotment holders ______ during the war is not dying out is shown by an _______ in one district. Ashley Vale Allotment Association has recently taken another field several acres in extent out towards Purdown. Nearly all the plots (of ten perches each) are booked already and the men have been busy clearing the ground in readiness for next spring’s planting. But the ground is very “stony”. The illustration given above shows the stack of stones that two brothers have taken during the past week from about five-eighths of their plot. The stack has a slight batter, and the width and length were measured about half way up. It’s dimensions are: width 4ft.; length 14ft. 6in.; height 4ft. 6in. Some of the holders are using the stones to make neat borders to their patches. All are very busy, and cheerful, in their task of clearing the ground of stubble, weeds and stones. The field was put down to corn this year. The stack shown above weighs at least ten tons, which indicates that the “crop” of stones in the plots is considerably more than one ton per perch.

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