Leek & Potato Soup

You can’t go far wrong whatever you do with leeks & potatoes to make a soup, it makes a warming & filling winter staple; a great meal with some fresh crusty bread.
Here’s my variation on the theme:-

A couple of pounds of potatoes and a pound or so of leeks
About 50ml of nice olive oil
vegetable stock powder
Black pepper

Scrub the spuds and chop them quite small without peeling. Cover them in water & bring to the boil, then allow them to simmer gently till they’re tender (about 10 – 12 mins).
Meantime clean the leeks leaving plenty of green on them, split them & rinse out the soil ; then chop them quite finely. Now put the olive oil on a high heat in a heavy pan till it is starting to smoke, grind in some black pepper then throw in the chopped leeks & toss them vigourously till covered in oil; Quickly put the lid on, reduce the heat to very low and allow them to steam in their own juices for about 5 – 10 mins, shaking occasionaly – don’t allow them to stick or brown.

Make up enough stock powder for 1 litre, but use only 500ml of water.
By now the potatoes will be very close to ready: as soon as they are soft but before they collapse add them, water & all to the leeks and pour in the made up stock. Stir gently, bring back to the boil, taste, season & serve immediately.

At this point you have a light fresh soup alive with the aromatic oils of the leek. As soups go it’s what you might call “rare” – from here on in you can cook it as much as you like, zoom it up to a hearty sludge, dilute it with more stock, reheat it, freeze it do what you like with it, even eat it.

Happy slurping,
Dave, Plot 2

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