Plot sharers wanted

This is a way to start work on an allotment plot almost straight away and just now there is no waiting list, in fact there is a shortage of volunteers.

It works like this …. Sometimes a plot holder finds that their plot is too big for them to manage but do not want to give it up and move to a smaller one. Someone can work it with them, either helping, or taking an agreed section of the land and if things work out and both parties want to carry on then after a minimum of 6 months to 1 year the sharers name can be added to the register and they have a secure joint tenancy. This means that they have joint responsibility for keeping the plot in order and paying the rent, and if one party leaves the other automatically becomes the sole plot holder. Equally if the rent is unpaid or the plot falls into disorder both would be evicted together.

Naturally you both need to get on with each other, and the committee will not get involved in resolving disputes between sharers ( beyond counselling smiles and tolerance :-). Similarly how you share the plot is entirely up to you, and the committee does not offer any guidelines aside from advising that it is clearly stated and agreed beforehand, perhaps with a short written note.

If you are interested in sharing a plot please get in touch via the contact link. You do not have to be on the waiting list already, but you can be on the waiting list for a full plot of your own if you wish.

If you are a plot holder who would like to offer a share you can get in touch with you field rep, or the contact link above. If you’d like to write a note about the share and even take a couple of pics then we could put an ad up on the website here for you.

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