Plot Thefts

A plotholder has recently reported ….

“Last Sunday we were working on our plot and noticed a group of people wandering around. We kept an eye on them and as they got closer it was obvious that they were quite happily helping themselves to whatever produce they could find. I approached them to have a chat and ask what they were doing but they did not understand and carried on. They spoke little or no English so I had a hard job explaining that what they were doing was wrong and that the allotments are private but eventually they got the message and moved on.

Then, as we were leaving, we spotted another couple, one with a carrier bag of strawberries and radishes walking through a plot I knew was not theirs. Again I approached them but unfortunately they didn’t seem to care or understand and carried on searching. We had no choice but to leave them be.”

A good policy might be to take out a mobile phone, say “go away I am calling the POLICE” very firmly & clearly and then Dial 101 and ask for the Montpelier & St Werburghs beat team.

They are genuinely interested and often have someone not far away who may be free to help. This kind of intelligence on who is doing what & where is useful even if they do not record a crime or make an arrest. Some years ago it led to them securing and referring to social services a young couple who were living rough in the sheds and with a young baby. None of us had suspected it but they had other information which fitted together with what we reported.

Many a long year ago, when I was looking over the site to choose a plot I was chased furiously out of the field by an old chap with a large & brutal looking implement, so I guess this is not a new problem!

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