Pond survey

AVAA Pond Survey 2016

It’s exciting news that we have some students from UWE coming to do a Pond Survey for us!
There are at least 25 ponds on the site, and whilst we expect frog spawn, dragonflies and newts, what else do we have? Hopefully Sasha and her colleagues can let us know, as part of their BSC Wildlife and Conservation course.
The students have been fully briefed about respecting plots, sticking to pathways, avoiding stepping on beds and soil, and damaging any crops or fruit etc. Please could plot holders make sure there is no broken glass around where they might step.
If you do NOT want anyone taking part in the survey on your plot please contact Maggie, (Wild Life Rep) Maggie.moss@live.co.uk with your plot number, and she will make sure they stay away.

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