Rhurbarb Wine


3lb/1.25kg rhubarb
3lb/1.25kg sugar
1 sachet general purpose wine yeast.


  1. Wipe the rhubarb, but do not peel.
  2. Chop into small pieces. Place in a large bowl and cover with the sugar.
  3. Leave overnight until the sugar has dissolved. Strain off the syrup and cover the rhubarb with water to rinse off any remaining sugar. Add this liquid to the syrup and make it up to 1 gallon with water and a cup of cold black tea, to add astringency.
  4. Add the wine yeast and transfer the liquid to a demi-john fitted with an airlock. Leave to ferment.

Using a hydrometer, stop fermentation using two Campden tablets when the reading reaches around 1.01. Leave the wine to clear naturally; or you could use a vegetarian clearing agent such as Bentonite.

Pour the wine into sterilised bottles, and leave for at least 3 months. Store in a cool place.

NB. The best time to make this is during May. Don’t wait until the end of the season, you’ll be disappointed.


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